About Us



TheStripesInMe is a Virginia based taekwondo & more owned and operated apparel company dedicated to providing their customers with quality and Incredible functional apparel gear.
Formed in 2018 by family Dennis, Christine, and two sons. Dennis and Christine met on Eharmony and put their families together while working in Law Enforcement and Utility company. One a LEO, another a Manager Finance Officer, TheStripesInMe apparel company strives to represent patriotism and toughness, believing there is no other way to lead except with strength.
Both the guys embody what they produce – pursuing their vision of TheStripesInMe while balancing careers, families and a strict work out schedule.
Throughout each of their lives they have overcome obstacles, pushed through limits, ultimately recognizing the importance of a team mentality and the toughness that comes through comradery.
More than apparel, TheStripesInMe is a lifestyle and we are looking forward to having you join!